The Secret of Himalaya

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"May Peace Prevail on Earth"

Real Himalayan activities in the virgin land of Himalaya


About the “The Secret of Himalaya” Namaste! Welcome to a land you will never forget a land of snow – capped mountains and quite river valleys. Many have told about the beauty and mystery of Himalayas but nobody has expressed them in the musical form yet. We therefore believe this album is the first one which tries to reveal the secret Himalayan Environment and the daily activities in the virgin land of Himalayas.

The Secrete of Himalaya” is our first album released by Hon’ble Ambassador of France, Mr. Michael Lummax on 27th oct. 1999. This album is a flute solo album of Prem Rana “Autari” of “Sur-Sudha” on the background of the Himalayan environment having seven tracks from “The Peeping of Sun” to “The Shadow of moon-light“. Those who have enjoyed it may have travelled the Himalayan environment through musical senses. In this album, one can get the real taste of Himalayan activities in musical form in the virgin land of Himalayas from sun-rise to moon-rise in systematic way. The main motto of producing this album is to introduce the Nepal as a "Himalayan Kingdom" through music and to convey the message of "May Peace Prevail on Earth" to the people. This type of music could be very useful to meditate, and create peaceful atmosphere in a stressed life.

The dawn in the Himalaya is welcomed by “The Peeping Sun” and sudden change in environment may cause “Rage of Thunder” with frequent lightening and gust of wind followed by snowfall. Again, the weather changes back to normal showing its nature of “Changing Mood of Himalaya” The serene beauty of Himalaya at the time is so romantic filled with tranquility that the Himalaya seems to be giving some message as by a transcendentalist chanting “OM” regularly for the world peace. Each perfect creature of the world seems to enjoy at that environment performing their “Romantic Mood” lulling with natural objects and species available in their valleys. The “Romantic Mood” of the day is slowly pursued by the sunset saying “Good Bye The Day” with rise of moon reflecting its light on the peaks of the Himalaya.

1. The Peeing Sun

The dawn in the Himalayas is welcomed by the crowing of cocks and chirrubing of rare, graceful Himalayan birds. The golden-rimmed sun peeps from the east, raising its golden rays onto the panoramic views of Himalayas.

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2. The Rage of Thunder

The weather in the Himalayas is windy and uncertain. Sometimes the weather turns so bad that there will be frequent lightening and heavy thunder. One feels that the world is at the end of perishment.

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3. Changing Mood of Himalayas

The weather in the Himalayas is moody. The romantic moment of the day, the bleating of sheep, the hymn of Sherpas suddenly ceases with sudden change in weather. The silvery Himalayas at once become invisible; there is the guest of wing by snowfall. Suddenly, the weather changes and every scene becomes back-up to normal.

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4. Message of the Himalayas

The background of ‘Sagar Manthan’ (the churning of the ocean) takes the world back to the immemorial, the creation of the Universe. Sagarmatha (The Everest), believed to have used as churning stub in ‘Sagar Manthan’; seems sitting in meditation pose and chanting of ‘OM’ for World Peace.

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5. Romantic Mood

The people of the remotest valleys in the Himalayan Range are unknown to the outer world. They have their own world, culture and way of living. Despite their hard and laborious life, they have their own romance and attachment with natural objects and species available in their valleys.

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6. Good Bye

the Day The Himalayan Environment is mysterious and magical. The environment in the evening makes one to feel oneself at the utmost part of shangrila. The cherrubing of birds flying to their nests, the silvery Himalayas turning golden to grey, the golden rays reflected in the sky, the serenity-all these promise to come the next day to welcome the peeping sun.

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7. Shadow of Moonlight

Night in the Himalayan Valleys is of serene beauty. The moonlight reflected on peaks of the Himalayas transforms them as if saints from the universe have gathered there on the shadow of moonlight and are meditating for the eternal peace.

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