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“Unity Among Diversity”

The collection of cultural “Folk Tunes” of different ethnic groups of Nepal.

As you know Nepal, is not only famous for its natural beauties and century-old tradition, but also for its cultural diversity of different cultural groups from Himalaya to Terai and from eastern part to far-western part of Nepal. This album especially focuses on the different Socio-Cultural activities of the people living in different ethnic groups spread all over from snow-peaked high Himalaya on the north to plain Terai on the south and from eastern part to far-western part representing geographical and ethnic devision of Nepal where their aged long cultures still survive. The main motto of this album is to promote message of “Unity Among Diversity” to the people.

This album contains twelve tracks from “Shyabru” to “Chanchar” in a systematic way. One to four tracks of the album area from Sherpa, Gurung, Magar and Rai community in order. Five and six tracks focus the culture of eastern and western hilly region respectively: Track seven focuses on the culture of Newar community of Kathmandu valley. Track eight to twelve comprise the different culture of Terai region from eastern to far-western part of Nepal systematically starting from Bhojpur (Bhojpuri), Janakpur (Jhihjiya) to Dang (Tharu Community). In this way, twelve tracks of the album represent different culture and ethnic groups from Himalaya to Terai and eastern to far western part of Nepal.

This type of album is very useful for culture groups, school children’s and people interested in culture.


In the language of the Sherpa people who live in the high Himalayan slopes of northern Nepal, ‘Shyab’ means feet and ‘ru’ means movement of rhythm, so the dance Shyabru means ‘Rhythmic feet’. The Sherpas are brave, intrepid people, known world over as superb mountaineers. They live hardly, lives and face unimaginable hardship with courage and smile.

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The meaning of Sorathi is the number of sixteen beautiful queens. Long time ago, it was small-small state it is in the Himalayas. One of the king “Jyaishange” from east country and once of queen “Hyamaiti” from west; among from the one state were took sixteen another queens for dancing and enjoying including the “Hyamaiti” queen. This dance is mostly performed in a large group. This is a very popular folk dance of Gurung as well as Magar community of Nepal. Because the king was from this communities.

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Tamang community performs this dance in the hilly areas. They are like Sherpas and are quite brave. By tradition they are also good fighters and hard worker specially was popular for woodcutter. This dance itself shown the fiats and fun these people rejoice in. This dance is performed in accompaniment of the playing of a hand drum named “Dampho”.

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Rai, Lirnbu also very popular for brave and fighters as well as Gorkha’s Solders worldwide and these peoples living in the Northern part of Eastern Nepal. Young boys and girls during the different festive of occasion of Rai, Limbu mostly they perform Chyabrung dance, which is popular.

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Maruni is a female dance. Here a maruni tries to compete with two boys in the art of maruni dance. Boys converted to girls with the wearing of female costume called “Maruni”.

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Based on love theme, it is very popular amongst the young boys and girls in the western hilly part of Nepal. Jhyaure songs and dances are the media of entertainment in the hilly regions of Nepal. This dance is very free and not restricted to any time but even during the rice-plating season it may be seen. The girls will sing the Jhyaure song and boys reply in the same manner. It is very joyful song and is a ritualized love theme.

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It is a very popular duet dance of Newar Community of Kathmandu valley. It specially focuses on the sharing of feeling and request of engaged aesthetic lovers for materializing engagement.

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Nepal is a very small country although here is much different diversity living in same community with peace. Meanwhile, one of popular community original from the District of southern part of Bhojpuri [Tarai] situated in the far eastern development region of Nepal called Bhojpuri have an own culture, language and tradition. So this dance performing by Bhojpure and very popular on southernmost part of Nepal, similar with the Indian culture of northern part.

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Mithila, once ruled by the illustrious Philosopher king Janak during the prehistoric period, a rich heritage of folk dances is what is known as a ‘Jhijhiya Naach’. It is the dance participated by the group of young women. It is performed during the great festival of Bijaya Dasami. On their head the performing women carry lanterns (pots made by clay) with several holes and diyos (candles lit with mustard oil) inside, thus allowing light to come out through the holes. On the lantern is a dhakan (a cover made of clay) with fire burning and dried dung cakes. Women purposely dance slowly with lanterns on their head. So that the holes can be counted. This dance is said to be influenced by the Tantrik cult and performed mainly to protect people from evil spirits.

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The fisher man community (called in Nepalese word “Majhi”) is popular as well as a name of “Dhimal” live in Terai part of Eastern Nepal. Their profession os fishing always. Specially in a rainy day, before going to fishing, these people would like to enjoy with drink and dance, alslo singing because of their happiness although Dhimal community celebrate their special festival “PARBWA”during the month of Apri. In this festival, they do DHIMAL DANCE.

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This dance is very popular in the living part of Terai of Nepal. This dance is performed in a large group of Jhangar communities. Specially in a day of full moon of August, these people are singing and dancing for the celebration of completed work in the field organize in full moon day.

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People from the Tharu community area living in the Terai of western part of Nepal. These people are mostly living out of civilize with their own trading. So this dance is popular in Tharu’s community in the western region of Nepal during their festival. Chanchar cast from Tharu’s community, they performed Chanchar dance devoted to Lord God Krishna.

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